Monday, October 1, 2012

Master Horticulture Classes, New Books I ordered

I am so excited, there are some Master horticulture classes being offered at the University next year. You can do volunteer work for them and get the classes at half price. I've been talking to my husband about it and am thinking I will take them. I'll write more about them when it gets a little closer. For now, I ordered a Medicinal Herbs and Wild Edibles book. I am going to start building a better library for myself. The next book will be on wild mushrooms. I have been watching a couple YouTube videos on wild edibles.

 I was shocked that I had the ornamental version of gout weed in my garden. It's edible and is best mixed with other greens in a salad etc. There are a couple people doing videos on wild edibles so I've been watching when I can. It is amazing the information you can find out now. I am a real visual person and enjoy the videos.
The next book I bought was on how to survive economic collapse of the country. I know a real upper huh! But we live in uncertain times and so many people are completely unprepared. We are heading into a time when the only things that will be grown in the USA for the most part is corn, wheat and soy. What happens if we go into another world war or have economic collapse and can't get our food shipped in etc. What if the dollar continues to devalue? A lot of people that are experts in economics say we aren't going to recover, we will never be where we were. I don't want to be a Dolly Downer but, I'm starting to prepare so if things get worse we are better off than we are now.
I also bought another book on Homeopathic self-care by Robert Ullman. I checked it out from the library and really liked it. I've used several recommendations from the book and have had great success. I will be buying different books every month to build my knowledge and become more self-sufficient.

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