Monday, August 20, 2012

Pork Loin Chops and Cinnamon Peach Tart

I wanted to post this recipe because I know people love a super tasty, easy dinner and this is one. I love pork chops but buying a pork loin whole is sometimes half the price. So I buy a whole pork loin and cut it in half and freeze them separately. I don't cut up the chops until I defrost the loin to reduce the chance of freezer burn. I cut up the loin into 1 inch chops.  This is easily done if you leave the loin a little frozen. One of the best seasonings I have ever found is Herbes De Provence. I've bought several brands and they're all usually the same. The next thing I use is garlic salt. Now, not all garlic salts are the same. I can go through a bottle of garlic salt a month but it'll just sit on the shelf if it's a bad brand. I like the California style garlic salt from McCormick's. NOT the regular one. It is one of maybe three things I still allow that is still a "processed" type of food.  I make this dish with a veggie or salad. I love creamed cauliflower that is mashed like potatoes.

Garlic and Herbs De Provence Pork Chops

2-3lb pork loin cut up into 1 inch chops
California style McCormick's Garlic salt
Herbes De Provence
Extra virgin olive oil
butter or ghee

Coat chops pretty well in garlic salt and then crush the herbs in your palm and really coat the chop. The herbs are mild and won't be overwhelming.  Heat the pan a little above medium. Add the olive oil but wait till you can smell the olive before adding the chops. When you add the meat let it stay where it is. People start poking at it and moving it around and it won't get a lovely crust or pull up easily. I usually let it sit 5-8 min then flip and cook the same. If you over cook them they'll be dry and hard to chew. If you tend to get chops like that increase the heat and reduce the cooking time on each side. Pull one off and check it. If done remove the rest to a plate and let rest 5 min before serving. I put a little butter on the top of each one and fresh garlic salt sprinkled lightly. It's a simple recipes but everyone thinks these are fabulous.

The cinnamon peach tart is a sugar free, grain free paleo dessert but can be primal if you add a little whipped heavy cream with stevia.

8-10 peaches peeled and stones removed, sliced
1/8 tsp cinnamon
couple dashes cardamon
2T ghee or butter
Stevia to desired sweetness


1 1/2 c soaked, dehydrated, ground almonds (don't over process)
3T softened honey
3T ghee or butter chilled
1/2 tsp stevia
couple dashes cinnamon if desired

In a food processor grind the nuts down making sure not to over process and make almond butter. I soften the honey in either the microwave or dehydrator before adding  it to the nuts. Mix well then chop up the butter and add to processor. It will gather in a slight ball. On a cookie sheet place parchment paper and press this into an oval about 12 inches long 8-10 inches wide with the sides a little thicker. Bake 325 pre-heated oven for 20 min or more. I like it a little more toasted but make sure it doesn't get too brown. Remove from oven and let cool. This crust crumbles easily so be careful after it cools and move it to a decorative platter.

Meanwhile, put the filling mixture into a pan and saute till desired tenderness about 10 minutes and this will help the juices to thicken. Taste and adjust for desired sweetness. Remove this to a bowl and let cool. Assemble right before serving. I whip the heavy cream for 2 min with my blending wand in a jar with some stevia and top it with cinnamon.

Homestead tip:
You can also make up lots of this filling and freeze it in individual containers to make this in the winter for a taste of summer. Most of my peach bounty will be sliced then frozen on a cookie sheet then placed in zip lock bags for smoothies and desserts.

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