Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've recently watched a webinar on Homeopathy. A webinar for those that don't know is a seminar on the web. I live in a town that doesn't get much in the way of DIY information and homesteading, being self reliant etc. So I do searches for the information and try to take webinars when I can or listen to pod casts. Most these are free to everyone. I was shocked at what I learned and inspired to take more of my health into my own hands. The webinar had a class and texts you could buy but they were way out of my range for now. The next best option was this book that many people rated pretty highly. I really like how the information and index is layed out and have been able to use it easily several times.

Its funny how much information you really don't know until you or a loved one becomes ill. I think doctors are excellent for trauma, but really lack nutritional and health education. Too much of Big Pharm funds the universities and there curriculum.
The side effects of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals is really scary and affects people in ways for years to come without them even knowing. Anyway, homeopathic treatments don't have any side effects, usually work faster and make future occurrences much more mild. They can also be used to prevent epidemics. High doses can cause provings which is from what I understand like detox sort of, still learning.
There are many hospitals in Europe etc. that use homeopathic treatments and have successfully for a very long time. There were many hospitals  here too until the pharmaceutical industry was created.  Homeopathy has a long history of proven treatments.

There are even homeopathic treatments for Septic infections, Small pox, Anthrax,  Cholera and Yellow fever. You can buy whole kits that have most of what you would ever need or buy individual treatments. By the way, these never expire and most treatments can be used for multiple problems because homeopathy is based on symptoms not just specific conditions. There are several remedies that can be used for the same problem, so if one doesn't work, you can try another. You don't have to know the specific name of the ailment just know the symptoms.

These remedies can also be applied to animals. This is something I experienced just a couple days ago. My dear sweet Shih Tzu had a very swollen face. I looked around on the Internet and deduced she was having an allergic reaction or had been bitten by something. I gave her a treatment of Apis Mel which is used for swelling, allergic reactions etc. It worked a little but after several treatments I wasn't satisfied. So I used Rhus Tox for redness, swelling and the swelling was down half within twenty minutes. Then after another treatment completely gone. Everything on the vet sites said it was and emergency condition and take the pet to the vet immediately and with treatment it would take days for the swelling to be gone. I love my dog dearly and would not have waited if I thought she was in jeopardy. As I learned from the professional homeopath that I took the webinar from a lot of scare tactics are used to pressure people into the direction the doctors want you to go. Most remedies work faster and better than antibiotics without them result in enormous side effects that can show up later in life.

 I think the last statistic was that over 100,000. people die a year do to just drug interactions. That is a travesty! We have a better option with homeopathy, that can solve a multitude of problems and relieve a lot of pain and suffering. If you're interested in taking some of your health issues into your own hands look up Joette Calabrese and her website www. She does do consultations and has a home course you can buy. She also has a wonderful and informative blog 

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