Monday, September 3, 2012

My Love of Cheese

Hello, did you know I'm Italian? So no figure I loooovvveee cheese. I spend a very limited time clothes shopping, but can spend a couple hours in a cheese shop.
Which is exactly what I did today. I'm still on a high and am probably now constipated TMI(to much information).
My husband called about ten minute's into my euphoria and asked what I was doing. I told him "well I decide to check out that new cheese shop that opened up.
" He paused and said "happy birthday then", I said "hey I won't spend more than a hundred" (in total jest). So I only spent $17.35 then the lady told me "today's curd day Thursday" which means I found out, that you get 1/2 pound of Wisconsin curds when you spend $20.00. Well you know I had to, so on the total went chocolate cheese fudge.
Totally for my husband,
 except that I already ate almost half of it.;) So you may have already guessed my whole lunch was cheese, well cheese and fudge.
Did I mention before I like to make my own cheese? But there are some hard rind cheeses I can't make, yet! Give me some property and I'll get a nice little cheese cave up and running.
 If you're like me you should check out the Cheese Nun video. I found it at the library and sat down to watch it one day with a nice raw goat cheddar. She ends up going abroad to learn about cheese caves etc. I loved it. It did take a little to get into it at first, but was so interesting once it got going.

I do love me some goat cheese, I have to say I grew up on it though. The semi-hard and the ricotta style. I'm trying to instill that love with my son. He seems to love it most of the time. If you've never had semi-hard goat cheese you should try it. Warning though, it's kinda like cheese curds because it squeaks on your teeth. I don't really notice it much but, a lot of other people do. It's great in scrambled eggs with mild Anaheim chile's. YUM!!!
This is ricotta cheese, homemade from Organic whole milk.

Homemade ricotta is so fabulous on homemade bread, made into garlic toast with fresh garden tomatoes and drizzled extra virgin olive oil.
Hungry Yet???

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